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Jim Franson
tel: 410-455-8115
UMBC Physics Department Bio
Curriculum Vitae [pdf]




Todd Pittman
tel: 410-455-8114
UMBC Physics Department Bio
Curriculum Vitae




Richard Brewster
Graduate Student





Hari Lamsal
Graduate Student





Ian Nodurft
Graduate Student





 Former Group Members

  • Garrett Hickman, PhD 2017:  Nonlinear Optics at Ultralow Power using Metastable Xenon in a High Finesse Cavity
  • Dan Jones, PhD 2016: Interaction of nanofiber-guided light with a warm atomic vapor
  • Brian Kirby, PhD 2015: Nonlocal interferometry with macroscopic coherent states and its application to quantum communications.
  • Meimei Lai, PhD 2013: Experiments using sub-wavelength diameter tapered optical fibers in rubidium vapor
  • Junlin Liang, PhD 2012: An experimental study of nonclassical effects in two-photon interferometry
  • Hao You, PhD 2010: Theoretical study of quantum computation with nonlinear optics
  • Scott Hendrickson, Post-doc 2009-2010
  • Mike Herrera, MS 2008: Improved Technologies for a Single-Photon Source
  • Chris Roettgen, MS 2008: CO2 Laser System for Re-flow of Toroidal Micro-Cavities